Events and Occasions

Sporting Events

After months of hard and gruelling training, sheer determination and dogged persistence, you want to see it through to the very end uninjured.

I take my treatments to where the action is, and meet you at the finish line.

This allows me to support you along your journey of completing the race while reducing the chances of injury.

Remedial sports massage helps you the athlete, to prepare for or recover from the challenge of competitive events.

Special Events

There is always a demand for a little extra TLC or pampering at major events, music, life-style or well-being festivals.

My mobile massage unit can be set-up at indoor and outdoor events adding zen to the hustle and bustle.

My Aromatherapy massage treatments are very popular!

Special Occasions

Are you planning a hen night, birthday or other special occasion?

Add a special touch and a little extra indulgence with a luxury massage treatment.

Enjoy a tailor-made, spa-like experience for your group of special friends.

Or why not treat yourself and book one just for you?


Combining Hatha and Vinyasa flow, my classes are guided by both the group as well as the intention we set for each session.

Self-care is not self-indulgence

It is self-preservation 

– Audre Lorde