Frequently Asked Questions

I need a massage but not sure which kind to book?

No problem. During your first appointment we will discuss your circumstances and from that I will adapt my treatments to your requirement.

I often, if suitable, use aromatherapy in my treatments and incorporate both deep tissue and sport techniques during the massage.

I do lots of sport but also need a massage to help me relax, what massage treatment should I book?

We will discuss what your requirements are and I will adapt the treatment incorporating the techniques that meet your needs.

How many treatments should I expect to need?

This varies depending on what is being addressed during the treatment.

This will be discussed during the first consultation.

When addressing something quite specific  4–6 weekly or every two weeks treatments are necessary.

Massage at events – especially stage races – are different as you need to speed up recovery in order to be ready to carry on the following day.

What should I wear for my massage?

Whatever you feel comfortable in.

Generally, unless you are receiving a massage at an event, you will be stripping off to your underwear and covered entirely with towels to ensure your comfort all throughout the treatment.

For more information or if you would like to discuss anything further please get in touch.